Brent laki francis schuster

Brent laki francis schuster

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First Name * Brent
Last Name * laki francis schuster
Username * nzrkiwi
Country * New Zealand
City Wellington
Nationality new zealander
Languages English


Current Position artist
Areas of Expertise Digital Painting
Preferred Tools PhotoshopPaintermatte paintingSome 3ds maxIllustrationTexturingCharactersGameillustratorGraphicsStoryboarding


Availability: Freelance


I'm an artist and a newbie poet, lover of life, my last 10 year has been illustrating,
pixel art, I have experience in game development since the AmigaPC computer days with 1995 release of gloom and mindscape Overkill right up to todays mobile device games! I've worked in character design, game design, concept design, ingame graphics, game storyline developement, pixel art, game cover illustrations, book illustrations. I've a;lso
working on my first matte painting movie called elements i have done 2 mattes so far with animated effects. I have developed 3D objects in lightwave and 3 Dmax My strength is in photoshop, painter, and illustrator. Programs I'm learning now is Combustion, shake, after effects and more in discreet 3dmax


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